What is the MyMelanoma project about?

Every day in the UK, 50 people are diagnosed with melanoma of the skin, and melanoma continues to be of concern around the world, so around 220 people in the US, and 42 in Australia are diagnosed every day.

Despite considerable improvements in the treatment of melanoma in recent years much needs to be done to improve the quality of care internationally. MyMelanoma is designed to build a large anonymized database which researchers around the world will be able to use to understand how to deliver that improvement, in as fast a time as possible.

MyMelanoma is the most ambitious data collecting project ever performed internationally, linking data entered online by at least 20,000 patient participants with their data stored in the NHS.

As the project develops then the database will also include data generated from examination of blood, stool and tumour samples.

MyMelanoma is a unique collaboration between patients, the NHS, research scientists and NHS Digital, for the benefit of melanoma patients anywhere.

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